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                              Favorite Links

Dave Weckl - My personal favorite drummer of all time, Dave has the most incredible time and technique all in one package. Great new web site design for 2004. http://www.daveweckl.com/
Peter Erskine - A great drummer and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, Peter's style of playing is incredibly relaxed and yet powerful and tasty, all concepts I am constantly working on to achieve in my own playing. Thanks for getting me into the 2004 Groove Night Peter! http://petererskine.com
Vinnie Colaiuta - What can you say about Vinnie? One of the most innovative, powerful, and creative drummers working today. http://www.vinniecolaiuta.com/
Jaco Pastorius - This is the official Jaco Pastorius website run by Jaco's kids. The place to go for everything Jaco. http://www.jacopastorius.com/default.asp
Dennis Chambers - A powerhouse drummer. http://www.dennischambers.com/
Michael Brecker - The incredible Michael Brecker, the saxophone player they all want to play and sound like. My favorite as well. His website is just as creative as the man himself. http://www.michaelbrecker.com/
Yellowjackets - The "jackets" site has everything about this widely acclaimed and creative group of four musicians. Check 'em out! Hey Jimmy! http://yellowjackets.com/
Will Lee - Bass player best known for the David Letterman show, but one of the most in demand and versatile players in the world. http://www.willlee.com/home.php
Mike Stern - Guitarist Extraordinaire. Mike's playing is only surpassed by his compositional abilities, besides being one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. http://www.mikestern.org/
Randy Bernsen - Good friend and another Guitarist Extraordinaire. Have played many gigs and recorded quite a few albums with Randy. Great photographer too. Check out his site for some of his work. http://www.randybernsen.com/
Steve Gadd - What else can I say? http://drstevegadd.com
Drummer World - This site has everything about every drummer. Lots of sound samples and pictures to feast your percussive senses upon. Great independently owned and run web site by Bernhard Castiglioni. http://www.drummerworld.com/
Joe Zawinul - Leader of Weather Report and his current incarnation, the Zawinul Syndicate. http://www.binkie.net/Zawinul/index.html
John Scofield - The guy who plays all of those "funny" notes.