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Drums and Gear

Yamaha Maple Custom Drum kit with:

10” rack tom
12” rack tom
14” floor tom
16” floor tom
22” Bass drum (small hole front head)
5.5” x 14” Aluminum Dave Weckl Signature series snare
Coated Remo Ambassador heads on top heads of all toms and snare
Clear Remo Ambassador heads on the bottoms of toms
Clear Remo Ambassador bass drum head (beater side)
Yamaha HS-930 Hi-Hat stand
Yamaha DFP-9310 Double Bass Drum Pedal
Yamaha WS-955 Double Tom Stand to mount 10” tom and 1 cymbal
Yamaha WS-904 Double Tom Stand for the 14” and 16” toms
7 Yamaha Heavy Duty CS-845 Boom Cymbal Stands
Yamaha DS-840 Drum Throne


20" Sabian HHX Evolution Ride
16" Sabian AAX Dark Crash
16" Sabian HHX Studio Crash
16" Sabian HHX Evolution Ozone Crash
14" Sabian HHX Evolution Mini Chinese
14" Sabian Regular Hi Hats (some old cymbals)
12" UFIP Class Series Splash
11" Paiste Dimensions Splash


Bass Drum:    Shure Beta 52A
Snare Drum:   Shure SM-57
Toms:           Shure SM-98D/S
Overheads:    Shure SM-81
Hi Hat:          MXL 1000

Mark uses Remo drum heads and Vic Firth sticks and brushes exclusively, and also uses the Shure PSM In-Ear Personal Monitoring System for live performances.