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Drum Tracking Sessions

Have Mark Griffith play drums on your recordings! Here's how it works.

You create your basic tracks in one of three ways. 701 Studios has the latest version of Pro-Tools LE (24bit/48K). If you are using Pro Tools format, you can simply save your sessions and include the basic audio files. If you are using another recording format please create all of your basic tracks starting at bar in .AIF  or .WAV formats. We will import your files into Pro-Tools and track the drums. All of these tracks will then be saved starting at bar and when you drop them into your sessions they will line up exactly.  Once you have your basic tracks saved, you can Fed-Ex PC formatted CD-ROm or DVD-ROM to Mark, or upload via FTP file transfer to our web-site. You will receive instructions on how to upload and download your files via FTP to our server.

Drum kit tracks are recorded standard as 11 individual tracks.

kick internal
kick external
snare top
snare bottom
overhead left
overhead right

Mic options:
Mark uses Shure and AKG microphones. The default set-up for drum mics is as follows:
Kick drum- Shure Beta 52A (internal) and AKG D112 (external)
Snare drum - Shure SM57 (top), MXL1000 (bottom)
Hi-Hat - AKG C2000B
Toms- Shure Beta98d/s external
Overheads - Shure SM81's
Additional mic requests and or positioning are available upon request.

Before the execution of each session Mark will need to hear the basic tracks and give his approval for recording the session(s).  This can be done via FTP, MP3 file, or by forwarding an audio CD or CD-ROM. Most often, a 2-track mix of the basic tracks will be fine. Likewise, you will be able to proof/approve your tracks via 2-track bounce uploads to the web-site, or by stereo MP3 files. You can also request 2-track proof mixes via Fed-Ex. We will not send multi-track files for proofing.


Mark's fee for recordings is:

$ 100.00 USD per track (under 5 minutes - $25.00 extra for 5-7 minute song)
(Single tracks have FTP/Disc 2-track proofing rights and 3 different approach takes maximum)

$ 400.00 USD for a full day (5 track maximum)
(Full day sessions include 2 approach versions with only 2-track proofing capabilities)

These amounts include all studio costs, engineering fees, access to drum kit, mic inventories, and disc/back-up costs. The standard costs for studio drum sessions can cost thousands. This system saves those thousands, and produces the same or better drum sound because we have been doing it consistently for quite a while.

The Process Flow:
Mark is sent 2-track rough mix of basic tracks. Mark approves tracks and gives his schedule for recording the sessions. Artist is sent agreement for sessions with payment amounts, use intentions, deadline, and any other special notes for track. The agreement is returned by artist with a 50% deposit of fees. This payment can be made via money order, cashiers check, personal check (sessions will be held until after the check has cleared), or credit card through the PayPal service.

After the sessions, Mark will provide 2-track proofs of each take for approval by the artist. These can be downloaded via FTP (For the quickest response), or shipped via Fed-Ex. After the artist approval, the balance is paid via above mentioned payment methods and the full bandwidth multi-tracks are either uploaded to FTP or hard copies sent via Fed-Ex on DVD-R. Hard Drives can be shipped and returned with final tracks in accordance of artist's needs if desired. Credits and notes will be shipped with the final tracks.

Mark will sign general releases for the recorded tracks. This release can be provided by you or Mark will provide a standard release form. The tracks are to be used for the given composition only. Loops or samples of these tracks can be used for other recordings if agreed to and released by Mark Griffith. Credit for recordings and sample/loops must be given for all versions of the recordings on product liner notes.

To inquire further and to check on session lead times, please send an email to sessions@markgriffith.com. Please include your requirements (number of tracks) and any other relevant information.